Trevor Brooks

Trevor Brooks


First and foremost I am the Founder and fearless leader of this amazing and truly dynamic group you know as the Maine Adventure Relay team and I am so thankful to be able to say just that. I can not say enough about the team we have assembled. Understand that these bios, as wonderful as they are, only give you a small glimpse of the true character and ability of these individuals.

That being said, here is a short bio about me. As mentioned I am the Founder and lead chair of the Maine Adventure Relay ( Aimee’s Army). I’m also the Founder and President of the Second Chances Foundation, a small non profit that has been operating for around 3 years. This foundation was foundedinitially to raise funds for a double lung transplant that my sister Aimee desperately needed. Aimee has Cystic Fibrosis and currently there is no cure for this illness. The only hope folks affected by CF have is a transplant. In the span of just under 3 years I have taken a rag tag team of 2 ( consisting of my mother and I) and a starting budget of $0, to a board of 6 members, an army of volunteers and a total funds raised number to the tune of $100,000.

As a Seabee with the United States Navy I graduated second in my class of over 600 from basic training and was selected for early promotion. I was again second graduating from “A” school and promoted. Inside of two years I was non commissioned officer. During my Naval career I trained Naval personnel in a number of areas to include vehicle/ equipment operations, security detail, anti-terrorism practices, patrol standards and construction operations. I planned and led countless fire team missions and conveys of 30 plus vehicles across Iraq and Kuwait coordinating everything from personnel, routes, security details to freight management and back haul.

I have an extensive and successful history in sales and marketing with companies like Harley Davidson, John Deere, Beretta firearms, Honda, Yamaha and Polaris to name a few. Currently I work for Tilson technology management as an RF engineer and OSP Coordinator. Some of the projects i’m involved in are the AMI smart meter network for Central Maine Power and the small cell deployment for Verizon Wireless. I assisted in designing the grid and network as well as building and deploying the devices for this system CMP has up and running. I also design solutions, coordinate with pole owners and clients to facilitate agreements, manage site surveys and produce construction drawings for our client. I manage 800+ sites across 7 states with 120+ utilities.

Through my years in the sales world and of course as the head of two not for profit organizations, I have planned, organized and ran over 100 successful events and fundraisers.

In my personal life I am the father of 3 absolutely amazing and beautiful children, I’m an avid outdoorsmen and adventurer. I enjoy hiking, biking, camping and fishing as well rock climbing and canoeing. I’m a Junior Olympic Archery Development instructor, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt and an NRA certified Pro Marksmen. You can also find me out and about with a long time friend exploring Maine and it’s island while we capture our antics on camera and post our adventures for our small following of fans. I think of myself as Highly motivated, absolutely driven passionate to a fault and ridiculously ambitious. If there is one word I don’t recognize it’s can’t.. I believe through hard work, dedication, an open mind and a positive attitude that nothing is out of reach.